By Adrian Low, Managing Partner HRINC 

Most of the job advertisements I see posted on job sites are the result of human resource departments going through the motions of posting the job description, and the process of how to apply.

If your organisation truly wants to attract the best possible talent, then you need to spend some time learning from the marketing department.

Your company, and your vacancy is a product. You need to appeal to your target market. You need to understand your customer..... What are they looking for, and what do you have to offer? The technical term is employee value proposition or more simply put, “why should you work for us?” 

If you are a small company, don't try and sell yourself like the big guys. Focus on the fact that it is an opportunity to grow with the company, an opportunity to make a difference, or small family environment. There are many people that would rather work alongside the owner of the business, and get involved, than being one of a large team. You need to find what is great about your company and tell them.

If you offer market leading salary, then great, let them know. If you don't offer the highest salary, but offer flexible schedule, an excellent training program, childcare, convenient location etc., then shout it in your advertisements. If your product or company has a social impact, then appeal to those wanting to make a difference, not those seeking a salary.

If you can't answer the question - Why should someone come and work for us? then you will have serious problems attracting the people you want. If you are engaging a recruitment agency to assist with your recruitment, you should ensure that they know the answer to that question too.